Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My cup of coffee #TSCoffeeCup

Evening clouds play iridescent notes
homeward birds drew ellipses,
punctuation s, of unwritten poetry,
on a vast sky.
An aroma fills all nostalgic memory;
creamy white coffee steaming in
my red and white floral cup,
softening nerves with each sip
 and my notepad fills with
warm words—
steaming coffee and vagabond thoughts.

tweetspeak January prompt


  1. Aha...Coffee houses are birthplaces of literature. They have been since the first poet drank his first coffee at the first ever café...Lovely!

  2. This is lovely...

    "softening nerves with each sip
    and my notepad fills with
    warm words"

    It made me go for a cup of coffee!

  3. This is fantastic!! It puts my coffee poem to shame. lol So glad you wrote one!

    1. Actually you inspired me.... Yours is such a poetic one, layered with thoughts... Thank you so much... :-)

  4. A coffee is what I need when I am down and out :-)