Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Red, wingless cardinal gnawing,
trapped and mourning inside.
Inside, monochrome walls, still
and unrelenting.
A slim line of sore red, dripping,
profuse and acidic.
His eyes searching,
 devouring the moon
to pacify the burning
red, wingless cardinal, gnawing,
perfectly sealed under smiling,
morphed societal appearing—
shallow frost upon the lake.
He lives dead love—frosted.


  1. There are some intense images in this poem: the cardinal gnawing and devouring the moon give a sense of dis-ease to your poem.

  2. Gosh! Such wounds and entrapment! This made my mind leap to a lame duck pope. I did not feel sorry for him or any of them or the church for its broken tradition until I read this. Even now, I admit, I ache for the suffering to end and burial to begin. Especially for this innocent bird.

  3. It's nice to meet a fellow writer/artist. This is quite a graphic piece. Thought provoking. I looked through your paintings as well and saw some good work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. he lives dead sad is that...and the feeling i get in reading this is of being trapped....

  5. I like the refrain, red, wingless cardinal, gnawing ~ Frosted love, well penned ~

  6. This is dark and powerful. wingless cardinal..what an image.. Great write Sreeja!!

  7. This is a striking piece, Sreeja, so full of rich imagery and color. With all of the harshness, I'm glad that there is some solace in the moon. ♥

  8. Uh! This is intense, strong negative emotions, how did you come across it!

  9. This is sad but beautiful. Well penned words :-)

  10. good to see you today...smiles...once i get a few of my grad school classes out of the way i hope to do a bit of art...