Saturday, 20 April 2013

#14 napowrimo

(My Painting)

… a meadow to guard…

As music in my ears, the wind, across this meadow,
 little ponds of blue dreams,  water and sky above
blend and flow as a sweet muse, and
here I guard my love with a gentle hand.

My yester dreams spilled and mustered,
rebirthed as  green grass and leaves and sheltered
me from boiling, screaming red maze of demons
who lost the strings of love, somewhere in life’s  gardens.

The orange-black striped tiger, breathed from wounds,
he grew as  part of the blood, guarding my meadows.
The lamb who gathered fallen leaves of muses,
still hesitates and hides behind the bushes.

 Undying dreams, borrows colours
from the hair that grows to the river’s
flow, and the green that clads the temple of hope.
The lamb lends its shy wet words, to top.

My orange striped tiger and the shy little lamb,
watches; as I pick flowers, colours
words and smiles,
they rumbles at thorns, as
  I make garlands in hope, in adoration,
they watch as I melt into life around.


  1. Both so beautiful, gentle, painting and choosing and watching the animals grow and all learn to be at one.

  2. This is beautiful Sreeja. There is such a magical feeling of peace to it. I love the ending. Your painting is awesome. How wonderful to write and have your own art as an illustration!

  3. A beautiful word painting of the land of your dreams!

  4. So many wonderful lines in your poem - tiger breathed from wounds, garlands in hope, melt into life around - actually every line is wonderful!

  5. Beautiful painting, and your poem is magical and dreamy :)

  6. Wow, you paint too? Very nice, Sreeja. I like the idea of melting into life around. To me this speaks of how we all kind of influence each other, as we leave parts of ourselves among those we meet and know.

  7. This is really beautiful,,,your painting and your words. I love your words "they watch as I melt into live around"

  8. This piece delivers us to another realm...I love the use of images (abstract and concrete) and how they evoke a feeling of dissolution and re-emergence. Well done and Viva la