Monday, 29 April 2013

#23 napowrimo

The zephyr passing across the garden,
she carries a sweet smell, smell of the garden;
yellow, red and lilac flowers smiling.
She turned to a gale, brushing across,
across the wild shrubs, the thorns and rocks;
wild-beings gazing and feeling her go.
She turned to a monsoon wind, raining down,
down and tasting invisible tears on the go,
drenching the trees, cooling the earth.
And at times her frustrations turn as sirocco,
she travels and goes on changing her attire
as everything around her change, she simply goes on
and on as her spirit lives on and on...


  1. And she simply goes on...yes indeed. Glad you posted!

  2. The changing winds get harsher nd harsher, seeming to goas far as voiolence when frustrated. Powerful poem.

  3. This is beautiful, Sreeja. Sometimes what we have to do is simply go on.....

  4. smiles...very cool...i like how she changes...and as she does so does the world around her....and in the end...we go on....