Tuesday, 30 April 2013

#24 napowrimo

A crinkled, crumpled paper
Getting crumpled between the fingers
Throughout the journey
While mind journeyed a little faster
Than those multi-wheeled vehicle
It carries many creases,
Of thoughts, tears, smiles
And marks of a thousand birds
They flew from this window to the open sky…


  1. I like it, Sreeja ~~

    Write your dreams on my paper,
    crumple, and sail
    through the open window.

    Where do they go?
    After tribulations and joys,
    to rest with the deleted e-mails.

    (I know, you didn't say the last line.)

  2. many creases of thoughts, tears, and smiles...

    Very beautiful! I think most writers can relate to this (even those that just keep diaries)

  3. Beautiful Sreeja...I have so many words crumpled in paper. I love the idea of letting them fly as birds in blue sky.

  4. Loved it, flew from the window, finally we have ti let go the memories

  5. A real gripping and philosophical read this one..love it, Sreeja :)Love the imagery...