Sunday, 20 October 2013

A book

The day before yesterday
I got a book from my daddy
pink, yellow and so many colors,
and from  its third page flowed
a brook full of fishes, colorful
and from the fifth page grew
a blue sky so vast, clouds danced.

It took me to castles and mountains,
I met unicorns and angels,
stars came to me with lullabies,
I wished upon shooting stars.                                            
Elephants, lions, monkeys and deer,
they danced and slept with me,
friends and dreams and colors of hope.

The day before yesterday
my daddy gave me a book,
a book with a whole world ,
to me to grow up….

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  1. oh clap clap clap....ha...i love how the things flow out of the books...books were def an excape for me growing up...and i got lost in so many worlds of adventure...then took off for the woods to live them....

  2. This poem! It is my new favorite of yours!

  3. Wonderful book with all those animals... definitely something to keep you occupied

  4. Such a beautiful description of the wonder a book holds.

  5. Not only a fun poem with delightful images, but an invitation to children to read. Bravo!

  6. This is really beautiful, to read and to envision.

  7. Lovely! And how special your dad gave you this book ... of dreams :)

  8. oh nice... books def. come alive for a kid... and the adventures literally pour into their lives...very cool

  9. I am speechless ... one of the best poems ever written by anyone ... and I am not exagerrating ... I just LOVED it ... just too good ... superb !!!

  10. Awww,,,,so sweet...transported me to my childhood :)

  11. I adore this - books gave me wings as a child, too.