Saturday, 19 October 2013

Waiting to breathe….

trash    like the aftermath of existence
builds like mountains of ego     pride
stingy     yet not giving any lessons of sanity
the cups of life’s ice-creams
packets of spicy snacks
builds on an ice cave of memories lost
silver lining of a frozen cloud
reverberating ocean blue inside
an ancient cave lost under ambitious
stingy mushrooms    waiting….


  1. Such a unique take on the prompt...

  2. Replies
    1. sorry i could not get my comment to post last night so i was testing it...the comparison to mountains of trach and our apt...i also like the close, that it is waiting...

  3. You brought in the entire junk yard! Wow. When we build on land fill and fake rock, we have to beware sinking beneath it.

  4. The opening lines brought this prompt into another direction ~ I'm waiting to breathe myself ~

  5. Excellent. I like 'trash builds like mountains of ego.'

  6. Trash as 'ego unchecked' ... fascinating concept. I like this!

  7. lots going on here - well done

  8. "reverberating ocean blue inside
    an ancient cave lost"

    This capture so much!! Great poem thank you for writing!!

  9. Loved the line, "reverberating ocean blue inside." This is a magical poem, and I'm so glad you linked to the Real Toads site. Hope you keep posting with us! Amy (a new Toad)

  10. wow! if we look deep in our soul we will find many caves like this.

  11. I like this--some good comparisons with trash and other things in ours lives. Thanks for posting with Poetry Jam.