Saturday, 21 December 2013

An uninvited guest

Morning sometimes rushes
rushes in like a guest
  like a stubborn child;
black and white words
of price hike, rape, treachery
mixes in with the dough;
a bath of hot frothing thoughts;
breakfast seasoned with doubts;
tea spills over the wrist watch
while an outdated puffing black outstretch
carrying imported and outdated vehicles equally
lies between you and your destiny;
mornings are sometimes
uninvited guests.


  1. Lovely and profound writing Sreeja...each mornings I strive not to rush things but savour the beauty of mornings...and invite them with an open heart n mind!

  2. Loved all the images you used to describe the onslaught of morning. I am not a morning person so totally identify with this.

  3. Yes. But poems like this, wrapped in the otherwise beautiful morning will add up and make a difference!

  4. Loved it. for me Morning 'always' rushes...

  5. Chechi,

    Njanethi. kollaam, nalla poem.

  6. Some morning are like these, rushed and full of doubts ~ Still I am clinging to hope & good tidings ~

    Happy Holidays to you ~

  7. This is very vivid. I love the way morning is personified and aspects of the rituals one goes through by way of beginning the day (rushes, frothing thoughts, seasoned with doubts, tea spills) add to the turmoil.

  8. You never know what the morning brings ... loved the imaginations here :-)

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