Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Snow Flower

December, like a snow flower
 you touch with your cold fingers,
I surrender myself like a lost lover.
Your cold fingers playing violin
Like snow flowers showering;
Nostalgic dreams afloat
Of sunshine and rain,
They evoke moments,
Those pebbles I kept
On and on, building thoughts
Thoughts that never perish
Thoughts that make me…
I sleep in your cold hands,
December you play the songs
 of snow flowers...

 I sleep losing myself in you.


  1. December can be a cold month in the northern hemisphere; but it's not the coldest. I love the image of December's cold fingers playing violin - that's not going to be a cheerful tune, is it?


  2. not the coldest here fact here there is no severe winter season....but all months have got a special feeling attached to it....I enjoy those thoughts....Thanks a lot.

  3. I like the violin playing and music, strings taut and quivering.

  4. playing violin and the song of snow flowers.. the finding rest and sleep in his cold hands... you paint him warm here...despite its cold nature you know...smiles

  5. I like the way you compared December to a snow flower. I enjoyed the nostalgic dreams of sunshine and rain despite the wintery feel of this poem!

  6. Lovely personification of December. Our December is indeed cold, 11 degrees F this morning. I'm not sure I would welcome a lover that cold but there is something so enticing in your poem.

  7. I think I enjoyed that kind of December quite a lot.. there is a tenderness in those cold notes... and I agree with Tony.. that December can be a little bit too cold... lovely piece..

  8. I feel like images like a dream. Frozen in a hushed, frosted world. So much hope that the rise will finally rise for the thaw.

  9. sounds like a way to make it through winter indeed....smiles...embracing it as a lover, that might help, smiles...i miht just have to give myself over and find its music as well...smiles.

  10. Decemvbers make us lazy :-P Speaking of which, it's 10 degree here today in Delhi ;-)