Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Photo credit Kelsey Hannah

Darkness: You never revealed me
                      I struggled to know my
                     SELF, you went on as silent as
                    the moon up, who never saw me
                     I am dried out waiting for silver dreams.

Mirror:       You think silver rays dispel you
                      you think I ignore you,
                      when the moon touches you
                      I see a thousand stars hidden
                       in your bosom, a whole universe!
                       I am limited, limited to the light
                      I shiver, the depth of your existence...
                       I am feverish, you frighten me as
                    DEEP as I admire you, I am feverish.

Darkness:  This was your silence?
                         I am puzzled...
                        light reveals me,
                        moon embraces me,
                        you are lost in me!

                         What I feel, words will never know
                         colors may never flow,
                         deep within words
                         deep within light,
                         where nothing remains
                          I prevail like absolute …
                           what will you call me?

Mirror:      I prefer silence, I prefer silence
                       I prefer you, I prefer truth
                      I prefer absoluteness
                       let me not limit you
                      I prefer silence.


  1. Another perfect entry for the book!!

  2. Ah if only mirrors could speak...

  3. I warmly greet you and invite you to see my new photos.
    I wish you a successful week. Marko