Saturday, 12 July 2014

Treasure Hunt

Courtesy Google

day and night, slowly loosened the ties
a transitory tie, the bliss of planetary crusade
a magical crusade, unknown like the depth of soul
twilight weaving purple and silver into a web
like the curtain at the end of theatre;
she left leaving her dragons behind
they are hovering while all castles light up
and hidden monsters are loosened,
searching a well-hidden treasure up
somewhere in a precious castle afar--
no one ever claimed, with dragons and monsters
wandering and every aisle nesting dangers hidden--
treasure inside a chest crafted by many floods
and droughts, many suns and moons
guarded by unicorns and mammoths;
travelers passed through safe glass passages
there snaps boasting trips around fantastic world
and the treasure still inside the chest, hidden and safe.

twilight parted leaving the night alone with

her dragons hovering around.


  1. be in a world with all those magical creatures...long forgotten...
    the mammoth...unicorn...dragons....i would totally be there...
    and between the light and that transition phase of the day
    the magic lives...

  2. What a surreal and mystical place you have drawn through your words, Sreeja. Sounds dangerous, yet magical.

  3. I love the impossible place of yours specially where the treasure is beyond the reach of the hovering beings and there so many beautiful lines here...a lovely poem :)

  4. You have created a very impressive and magical world, Sreeja. It made me think of The Lord of the Ring.

  5. I like your style.

    I was slow to comment because yours had gone into my spam folder. If you have as your return address I can not respond directly.

    Great work.

  6. You've created a magical world filled with images that are layered and nuanced - beautifully written.

  7. Love this impossible place! I liked envisioning it. Thank you for this creative response!!

  8. That was creative and magical! Unicorns and Dragons? Please take me there :)

  9. You've created a surprisingly magical and surreal world and taken me there through your words. I can feel dragons, mammoths and unicorns around me!