Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The soft snowy wind sang from across
from afar, from beyond,
swept through the trees of decades.

Memories cornered to the soft couch
evoking colours of life’s
flowers, chrysanthemums, daffodils,
gladiolus, heather, amaryllis, magnolia,
marigold, touching all subtleties.

Invigorating the senses the coffee
shined, milky brown foaming
and weaving patterns with words
encapsulated in books, words
solid, birthed from the winds of decades,
from the memories of flower touched lives
brewing with coffee, encapsulated in books,
reaching back to minds
resting under the shades of books,
forgetting and remembering…


  1. Lovely! How much vision, memory and creativity is influenced by coffee and tea?

    1. Coffee especially......thats something special you r right.....

  2. Aroma of coffee (and the gurgle of it being made in the traditional Mediterranean way) is a very powerful trigger for wonderful memories. Did you intend the repetition of 'encapsulated in books', by the way?

  3. I love the colors of the flowers mixing with scent of coffee and words birthing under the shades of books ~ This photograph seems to be the most popular, smiles ~ Good to see to you Sreeja ~

  4. hey i would take coffee and books any day...
    i may have problems if i drink a cup that big, but...ha....
    i will take books and coffee any day

  5. To sit and be part of that book and melting in that coffee aroma.. bliss

  6. A warm cup of coffee, books and words. What more could one ask for?

  7. This poem has a very relaxing feel to it! Enjoyed.

  8. The power of imagination..mixed with memories of beauty true..and even though i cherish the now of now...there was once a time..that only memories bring me to a next moment..somewhat isolated from pain...

    Thank GOD..

    for ALL THE little alternatives in life..
    is what these words bring to me..:)

  9. Love the line about weaving patterns with words

  10. to be lost in book with a cup of've wonderfully captivated the mood...

  11. Great write and so relevant with books and coffee nothing better. Rarely do we slow down to just travel in books. Smell the coffee...Love this.

  12. Coffee and books are good combinations for a quiet relaxation. If one is part of the book then the feelings are further enhanced. Nicely Sreeja!