Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Early morning blues and thoughts,
the dough swells and sifts
through my fingers, course,
 little more water and ghee
the dough so soft and ready
two little sparrows singing
sitting on our window grill
I took back my finger rings;
messages in my mobile,
over the table words peeped
 from open books,
a quiet time of my own,
a muffled laughter knocked
at my silent careless thoughts.

Rewind, and a second look for
a parallel scene that I ignored
two little hands taking away
part of the dough
little funny rotis spread over the stool
marked with little finger prints
and on her table her books
my life, my words, deeds---imprints

another persona in making


  1. Love! I felt like I was there.

  2. haha cute...the little hands can get into a lot of things...and you find out later when you find all those fingerprints...smiles.

  3. awe, adorable write... I used to babysit my little cousins a lot; oye did they get into mischief with their lil hands all over everything... haha

  4. Lovely little family tale! Adorable and very vividly/charmingly described.

  5. Beautifully touching poem, Sreeja. I smiled at the little hands working away....

  6. fingerprints in flower - like footsteps of our lives :)

  7. Love those little fingerprints -- there are tender moments in those that will stay and live.. a persona in the making indeed...

  8. ..the cycle of life...very well written...

  9. The beauty of play dough or cooking dough

    is never an art to be minimized i think..

    As the dough can be anything that finger prints do grow....

    Where the shape of the soul..can be expressed in kneaded dough flow...

    whether play dough or flower inspired the play of life in heart

    does grow..

    And our personas too.. can continue to grow like this...

    until one day the play dough of our heart...

    is actualized into soul...:)

  10. This poem really speaks to the theme, they are snapshots of those events happening "in the corner of our eyes". Beautiful and vey well done.

  11. I recall when my child was obsessed with those dough ~ Those were the days, smiles ~

  12. smiles... that brought back some memories of when my kids were small... they always managed to get some of that dough and i'm not always sure how they did it...smiles

  13. Wonderful! I work with many little ones that make MANY fingerprints. Best part of my day.
    This was very sweet. :)

  14. Hello! I wish you a nice week.