Friday, 19 December 2014

Kissing the sky

we had kiwi cake, a bit of your love
packed and carried through the street to home;
we had that cake cut to pieces to share love,
I didn’t count how old I was that day
then came black forest, pineapple,
chocolate, coffee-almond, that melted
and tasted togetherness and love;
we had birthdays every month, yours
Mine, kids’, and all loved ones’ .
But I believe, every morning we birth once again
and when I watch big trees swaying in air
kissing the sky, I hope for such heights for our love;
dear, can we celebrate birthdays each morning
not the cake, we can share a piece of bread
with a skinny disheveled boy yonder
or a little girl hanging on to that railing
where a hundred trains cross daily.
Dear it’s an ocean of love that we share
let’s rain as drops every morning
to grow up as trees kissing the sky,
let us hope…


  1. Oh, yes! kiss the sky and share it with us, continue to share it, raining beneficence on the world!

  2. We so desperately need more love In the world. Such a beautiful, encouraging piece

  3. What fabulous images - kisses, cakes, scraping the sky - full of love - the best present of all! What a poem packed with love and loveliness. Thank you! Have a great Christmas Season and Happy New Year!!

  4. In the whole universe, love is the solution, the common denominator; thanks for the lovely heart felt reminder for all of us perhaps too busy with the holidays to notice.

  5. With true unconditional love there is
    true Christ EVERY NOW..
    in heart of humans and all they touch...

    Without THIS love every day and now is an empty now..OF ONE...

    Happy Holidays and an ever present of now to you and yours.. AS SAME..:)

  6. Yes Birthday every morning.. and just the love and not the cake.. wonderful thoughts...

  7. This is a delight to read. The miracle of birth that occurs every second, every where if we take time to notice.

  8. the ocean of love...lets rain drop each morning...smiles
    very cool....pineapple have me hungry now too...

  9. the celebrating the birth of each day... i def. are with you...and hmmm....i want a piece of cake now...smiles

  10. I posted a comment - but seems it was lost. I am facing this problem with blogger off late, it won't take my first comment in many cases. You have a very heart warming piece in here - we need to show love to all who needs it. Well done with the prompt. You gave me some beautiful memories back too.

  11. Your closing lines are always a beauty ... Merry Christmas :-)