Friday, 12 December 2014

The Sun, The Sky and The Soul...

Courtesy Google

Ivy of hope crawled up high
up the rock and cement--grey and high,
                                                                    here from the small pages, sigh,             
black letters, they sigh and whisper;
out in the window grill a sparrow chirps,
wings flap hard, no it’s not the sparrow,
my room echoes strong wing flaps.
“Jonathan Livingston, are you there?”
You can’t trust your imagination,
they too have wings to flap
willing to fly high.
“So you are still here, you know, there is no limit for sky and soul.”
His words addressed me or Jo?
“Jonathan!” I echoed my thoughts.
He flew, flapped through my small room,
his eyes seemed longing for the sky;
constraints are pain for wings that have soul.
I patted him with care,
Hosseini’s Mariam Jo is peeping;
 heavy curtains would not hide her,
their eyes met; sometimes it’s good to be quiet.
Silence is more close to soul.
This room for a week
sheltered not just me, but
 two more souls breathed here.
Life, freedom and sky seemed of the same color
A thousand splendid suns’ glory
lives not elsewhere, but in souls
who mirror blue, depth and the sky.


  1. i love how we can learn from the characters in books... jonathan's search for freedom and finding that through love... what a cool interaction here... and yes... sometimes that silence is just closer than any word could be...

  2. I have not read a thousand splendid suns.. but from what I understand Mariam might need some Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in her life. Finding that joy inside instead of elsewhere.

  3. I like how you have worked in the two characters, and sometimes it IS good to be quiet. So true that silence is very close to the soul!

  4. i like you write on flight... some wonderful poetic language in this... I wonder how cold it is up there

  5. I have almost forgotten this book ~ I love your response, his coming to life, and reminding us of the sky and:

    A thousand splendid suns’ glory

    Have a lovely weekend ~

  6. I read this book years back but still remember the beauty of the narration and flow! wonderful book and a wonderful poem :)

  7. Khaled is one of my favorite authors ... love his books and the characters :-)