Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A silly secret

A little secret kept so close,
a little secret kept so deep,
now I don’t realize you are there.

Life like the seasons changed and went on;
we all changed and so changed all stories,
you were dug deep, a perfect secret
yes you the secret---
perfect calligraphy and shining truth---
I thought you would grow up,
grow out and spread as the sky;
I loved you because you spread
those small moments of happiness,
I loved you because I always
loved to give, and spread happiness,
you the little secret
dug so deep under;
as days passed
as I grew up
I knew, you would never flourish
from under the mud.

Life changed and so do everything
and so do beliefs;
you don’t breed smiles any more
you breed greed
I am happy, you are deep under
and you will never grow out,
you little secret .
Now I don’t have that passion
even when you are in my fist.

You stay in my fist,
never grow out over me
you little secret

lay buried .

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  1. interesting...i think there are traits we can repress if they do not correlate to who we want to def takes effort though to keep that fist closed and not let them out....

  2. yes you the secret---

    perfect calligraphy and shining truth---

    ugh, that is brilliant! oh what's this secret? smiles... we can cherish something so deeply, but as we grow, our loves change...

  3. i wonder how some secrets change so much and maybe there's a point we no longer want them or need them - and yet - we cannot let go either

  4. There are secrets that will be like a Janus face.. after a while the smile turns into a leer, and love into greed.. better keep those buried.

  5. the fist held secrets packs a powerful punch.

  6. i guess secrets change with time and effort.. and effort changes secrets to truth in time as well..:)

  7. Beautiful - specially the ending. Wonderfully done. I loved it. Thank you for joining my prompt.