Thursday, 26 November 2015

Over a cup of coffee

Ants, crawling slowly, steadily;
Media, news, infiltrating;
My window is open, sparrows chirp,
Fly free and have worms, grains;
They choose.
I have my cup of coffee;
I'll have it with toppings, or without,
I choose.
I have put grains outside, spread turmeric
at doors and windows, no more ants!


  1. Smiles.. the news..
    an ant bite..
    that never
    bites when
    off.. pesticide..
    iN moving outside..:)

  2. Those news are like ants, crawling.. I wish there was a turmeric for those news as well

  3. Love the reference to ants.. very clever.

  4. I love the lines, they choose, I choose ~ Sounds like a good morning, smiles ~

  5. If only we could get rid of the bad news as easily as we can get rid of ants.

  6. the news can be invaders that rob our peace
    i still try to find a method to let them in but in a good way - in a way i can deal with things