Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A brisk Morning Walk

A brisk morning walk; a morning that’s slowly peeping through her misty blanket, reluctant and shy, and the long range of hills lying like she is so detached from the world around her---an occupied world---and she is looking up to the sky, a sky so full of secrets, hidden behind her clouds. A cool breeze brushed me all over, sending a cold wave throughout, reminding me of egoistic aloofness that eats love. My shawl, warm and covering; the brisk walking and the movement, I am warm. The hills, she lies like a saint who knows all the secrets and yet smiles ardently!

Rays of sun peeping
My heart beats buoyantly, ever
Winter hatches seeds


  1. Love thinking about what secrets the sky might have!

  2. COldest sTar dUSt
    niGhts.. sTiLL smeLL
    sCent oF liGht..
    seedS Of dusT

    WiNter cOld
    StaR duSt briGht
    LiFe sTill coMes..:)

  3. A different approach altogether. Such freedom here.

  4. I enjoyed the walk with you with the warm shawl ~ It must be a lovely weather where you are right now ~

    Thanks for joining us Sreeja ~ Hope you are well ~

  5. Those early morning walks--the briskness, the chill, the alertness with which you capture the details...the source of so much inspirations! Google won't let me comment unless I use my defunct Google account.

  6. I love the personification of the morning. The shy yet confident girl making us aware what we should be grateful of. Lovely

  7. You paint an enticing picture. Maybe I'll go for an early walk tomorrow ... in my case, before the day gets too hot.