Wednesday, 27 January 2016

... hills are sleeping; I will remember to carry cloth bags...

walking up your curved paths,
pebbles, shells, marbles, and
occasionally crabs--- as if from
another world or bygone days---
they came between my steps
like hidden eras of your existence;
like synopsis of your stories
coming between my conscious and
subconscious beliefs;
and you gave me pinkish white buds
and lush green grass to walk
and wake up to the day;
it’s winter now,
you are brooding in silence
and you evoke awe in me;
your silence and unfriendly paths
evoke some distant truths, distant fears;
in an art shop i buy your past colours---
till you emerge as my friend,
waiting for rain clouds beyond the summer---
i carry your colours and a new canvass,
i carry them in a plastic bag,
i regret carrying a plastic bag
because your reddish, barren,
silent paths still haunt me
even inside my room with some potted greens
and i feel lonely and scared, of some distant
eternal winter…
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  1. Such a beautifully evocative piece :D

  2. I like how you paint the urge to keep those colors as well as the fear that they are gone forever... we do that I think...

  3. I think I am one of those who kept some shells as a reminder ~ I specially love this part:

    they came between my steps
    like hidden eras of your existence;
    like synopsis of your stories

    This is a beautiful reminder of the beauty of nature Sreeja ~

    Thanks for joining in ~

  4. I love your voice in this, and your awareness.......ominous, the thought of that distant eternal winter.

  5. The ending of your poem really was a strong one. I think it addressed something that we all fear....the distant eternal winter.

  6. I love the quiet voice in this that is enjoying interacting with nature and then it turns fearful at the end, wondering if we'll end in a perpetual winter.

  7. I adore the title you've chosen here, your sense of awareness.

  8. This is beautifully expressed and I love the way waking up runs through the poem.

  9. InfiNiTy and
    more of Nature
    serves up many
    hot and cold
    and liGht
    and Dark..
    oF liVing Nature..
    but stiLL iN sTone..
    electrons.. smaller..
    oF atoms..
    a dance
    just to be
    a tiny pArt of
    iT.. iS as magic
    as hUman imagiNaTioN..
    iN UniVerse oF uS set Free..:)

  10. you've so beautifully captivated the fragrance of our Mother Earth and our fears if her smile will still be there...a wonderful title as well...