Monday, 4 January 2016

Pursuit of perfection!

Through morning to night
as chunks and flakes of existence,
giving and taking;
water, food, routines, errands;
surprises, run across (es);
resting, running, fighting and enjoying ennui,
and riding on muses, I asked,
where do we find perfection in the whole world?
Mind toggles between high ends and basics.

Expectantly, I watched the world.

To a hungry stomach, the tongue connects spices, flavors;
a thirsty mouth gulps cool, plain water;
tensed bowels emptying after long waits;
passionate love entwining flesh…
raw very raw list came first
with no pretensions; is it shameless?

Like acrobats, the world continued with the concert;
the show must go on, so am I.

But my mind still toggled,
searching perfection in long lists;
dangled between feelings of abstract ideas
and solid benefits; is perfection solid or is it abstract?
Promenaded through many things, ideas, personas
and at the end, like the last flames of a candle
with wax spilled all over,
perfection still dangling above,
exhausted, my eyes slipped away from reality.
The last of the last night, I remember,
was a dream of tired limbs blanketed in a soft quilt.


  1. Such a cool reflection upon the search for perfection in this world :D
    Powerful write :D

    Lots of love,

  2. I'm amazed at the quest for perfection here. applaud!

  3. I esp. love the last seven lines. Beautiful read.

  4. I loved the way you expressed your idea of perfection. A great read :)

  5. And yes we can still dream

    Happy New Year

    Much love...

  6. A journey to find perfection..It is hard ground with pitfalls. Such a creative way of expressing the search "riding on muses" I love that.