Thursday, 18 February 2016

...the four walls and me...

I am in a placid yellow room,

my room,

trying to catch the bright colours,

floating outside the window.

They float by and gradually vanish as white,

white and sometimes black;

is that all about?

Gradually becoming black or white?

I weave colours of my own

and the room loud with its placidness

its depth of truth, loneliness,

hugs me into silence.

The more I love life and its colours,

the more it fills me with truth, loneliness,

and its placid yellow colour.

The room speaks its language;

it’s loud and full

and not like the chaos outside---

for the room has no boundaries,
it has four walls of existence and

they share corners with each other

and together hold the roof---

and I drown in its placid yellow silence.

The room and I, we are not sad;

we are not happy either;

we share silence,

it is bliss;

the face of the house may not

every time reveal the rooms inside

and they may not their occupants

to ordinary eyes,

because we are free birds

just holding on here for time being…



  1. It happens: Sometimes, I also feel rainy inside me and my mind only making it worse...from time to time..
    Very beautiful poem, Sreeja!

  2. Sigh.. this is so beautiful and serene :D :D

  3. Our rooms can be so comforting and sacred. Beautiful writing!

  4. I like this very much.

    Especially this section:
    " the room loud with its placidness
    its depth of truth, loneliness,
    hugs me into silence."

  5. Happy and sad are emotions only felt by us in the privacy of our own rooms. One can laugh or cry.Yes, freedom of choice.


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  7. Ah, the room and you sharing the silence....I can empathize with that; and truly it is a gift to have a room with whom one can share that. I like the idea of being a free bird...just holding on there for the time being! You have really described your 'room' so well!

  8. Love the imagery of the speaking "catch[ing] the bright colors". And I completely agree when it comes to emotions, they are to private and personal to always show as themselves on every face.

  9. I think we need rooms like this... somehow I picture a cool room, with sheer muslin curtains letting in just enough sun-shine just to soothe....Though it might not be a room at all.

  10. I was so touched by this:
    "The room and I, we are not sad;

    we are not happy either;"

    ...that shared silence.

  11. I too like what De pointed about ~ To me, this comes across as a sanctuary, where you feel free and happy to be who you are & what you colors you would like to wear ~

    An honest commentary Sreeja ~ Thanks for joining in and wishing you happy weekend ~

  12. I weave colors for myself, too. The more color, the better. Yellow makes me happy so I used it to paint the space where I do laundry to bring a bit of joy to the task--which I really don't mind that much.

  13. This room feels free, neutral, open yet secure.
    I like this room! :)


  14. Colors More..
    Colored Life..:)

  15. "we are not sad;

    we are not happy either;

    we share silence,"

    Honestly, I'm not sure how to take this poem - I know others said the room is comforting - but to me it seems a place where one can hide - and not feel those strong emotions. Which isn't really living life? I don't know... I might be way off.

    1. With your room's's more like a pensive mood...and life has many other phases too...inside the room is just a part of it...thank you Margaret for reading and taking it's, indeed, hidden side too....

  16. Sometimes it's enough just to "be."