Monday, 22 August 2016


Courtesy Google images

Closed room, inanimate things around,
no sign of nature, no gush of wind;
                          and then,
like an oasis, pomegranates smiled!
you brought pomegranates, blood red.
    you brought life fluid, red blood,
red of my heart and yours, bright;
             but I doubt,
are they really red, or scales of red---
pomegranates, blood, heart, our love?
I am confused here in the hospital bed;
things change from bright shades;
they change to dark shades, pale shades---
            I am fatigued---
like the juicy red pomegranate arils
that you gently put into my mouth
                     with love,
they turn pale and a bit hard, crisp;
things always change from here to there.
but you gave me life fluid
and some thoughts---inevitable changes,
you said it was raining heavily,
you walked through rain slowly,
                          I didn’t see;
I am in a closed room, I didn’t hear;
you brought me some droplets,
again, life fluid of hope and glee;
things do change, let them change,
          now, I accept;
pomegranates smile, we smile;
I can see the tomorrow; we, walking in rain


  1. Exquisite and powerful! I love pomegranates and thier symbolism in different religions and cultures. Are you in the hospital? If so, I wish you comfort, healing and wellness.

    Please consider changing your settings to allow for anonymous comments, for those of us on Wordpress. I happen to have an old blogger account I had to log onto, otherwise Blogger would not allow me to comment. On the anonymous setting, there's an option for commenters to just fill in name and URL (if they have one) to comment. Blessings, Mother Wintermoon

    1. Thank you so much! I am all well now. Lots of good wishes to you too.

  2. I like the turn from closed room to opening oneself to the taste of pomegranates, and rain, fluid of life. Hope you are fine Sreeja. Best wishes~

  3. I too liked the pomegranates and the rain. I love that your love brought you droplets of rain and that you both ended up walking together in it.

  4. Gorgeous and exotic :) Loved it!

  5. This is spectacular... the color red in itself, and what it can mean, like a acceptance almost..

  6. I can see the tomorrow;
    we, walking in rain

    A hosp bed can create lots of fright on those inmates seeing the occupant on the next bed always changing. The old gone, buried and replaced just as quickly! Still it offers lots of hope!


  7. I like pomegranates. Tasty --messy too. I can see how they would make your smile. I smiled when I read this.