Wednesday, 5 October 2016

...tip, tap.. tip, tap..

…crickets among gentle swaying grass,
whispering jingles, moving on with steps,
brushing sleeping thoughts, whims, dreams…

…aromatic breeze meandering around
unknown blooms, tinkling mind’s appetite…

…moon, soothing cracked skin
of wounded existence, hangs on to branches
high, on meditating trees and watchful ponds…

…a light glow singing night’s songs,
sparkling leaves sprinkling fragrance,
the tree and me swaying in simple, tip tap moves
as dew drops settles in...


  1. The tree in me....what a wonderful phrase. I really like this entire poem but this phrase just sings.

  2. I love those simple "tip tap moves"...and your use of ellipses bring extra sparkle, in my view.

  3. You involve me in all my senses in this wonderful dance... I love that.

  4. Oh I adore this! Especially that last stanza.... Singing and dancing night's songs. A wonderful response to the prompt!

  5. Rich as a frothy dessert, happy humming to Nature, to movement, to love; a wonderful read.

  6. whimsical and fanciful...a day dream at night

  7. the tree an me swaying in simple, tip tap moves

    as dew drops settles in... ha, I caught myself gently swaying to this poem.

  8. To Feel a pArt of Nature..
    to be the tree..
    the eagle..
    the feather
    and gRains of SaNd
    Veins of Rivers dUst
    of Sentient sTAr we aRe..
    breath.. a gift oF liGht..
    a Love
    oF liGht..:)

  9. This is absolutely magical!! 💖

  10. I like the atmosphere in your piece. How dazzling can a peaceful night and nature be. :-)