Friday, 18 November 2016

sow and reap

The long queue before the ATM; vegetable sellers selling tomatoes and spinaches for people with lower denomination notes; lazy people like me watching super moon sitting calmly at windows.

The rabbit, the mother and child or aliens or a moon man, whoever there, can you see me, the long queues and all the dramas?

Oh super full moon
Insane tides rising here
Birds of sky resting  


  1. Indeed. Can the super moon see us? Does it even care? The haiku at the end is excellent.

  2. Interesting. I often wonder what that moon is thinking, gazing down at our dramatic world, especially lately.

  3. I feel like asking how much do you have now :D...I don't think I had ever talked money like this in my whole life..ha...nice haibun Sreeja...

  4. A beautiful haibun. (Some of the questions it raises can't, I think, be answered yet.)

  5. To me this silent observing, between moon and man, and between men is a bit like Nighthawks (the painting)...

  6. I like the reverse perspective...the moon is probably not caring for the all the drama ~

    Good to see you Sreeja ~