Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Adorn my being

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There is an unfathomable emptiness in us, no matter how much we are blessed.

Last time when we went up the hill, it was raining. Bare feet when touches mud and water, sends up something that is whimsical. Sometimes things are better when left half told. When we cannot find what is missing, the green grass and the woody, wet and muddy scents fill the gap. The wild sound of that stream cools us down immensely.

We haven’t gone for the dusty summer path yet. It is so hot here but out there the earth still holds that damp dreams tight; let’s go and keep our ears close to those pebbles over which the stream ran wildly.

Spider weaves web
Dew drops settle on it, gently
Gossamer stories

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  1. Nice sentence: "Sometimes things are better when left half told." It got me thinking. Things probably can't be fully told unless they are uninteresting. Somewhere between untold and fully told is best. Nice haibun.

  2. This is absolutely Gorgeous! I love it.

  3. Enchanting write

  4. I love how nature and her scents fill the gap missing in our lives~ Keep weaving gossamer stories ~

  5. I adore how you brought in the scents and the bliss of water in here, and your haiku is stunning.