Friday, 31 March 2017

The crow picks stones for water, and we…

If we don't place the straitjacket of gender roles on young children, 
we give them space to reach their full potential.” 
― Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieDear Ijeawele,

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To write a poem and provide annotation at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

sitting on the window
i watch a dozen more buildings,
as rich as a neat hand work;[CE1] 

on my canvas i paint fresh fruits---
green leaves, red apples, oranges
and many more shades,
a bit bumpy a bit shallow at places;

there are only doves[CE2]  outside,
they make nests on buildings
searching, surveying,
he or she may have plans
for sun is nearer this summer;[CE3] 

there are more doves outside,
they make nests on buildings
and some engineers are surveying
the new skyscraper on the street
budding, growing---
hill-view flats, their attraction;
the lonely crow caws,
 he or she surveys the JCB
men and women are employed there,
and they are being dug out
for houses and buildings are
to be built in millions and millions
maybe this time with… [CE4] 
a deserted valley-view attraction

the crow, he or she, prudently picks life’s stones
for his or her half empty bowl of water;
men and women are digging the earth beneath the feet;
men, women, crow and all…[CE5] 

 [CE1]The green highlighted areas show the irony of life (bumpy and neat, nature and luxury, real and unreal) of things we choose and things we yearn.

 [CE2]Doves in urban area stands for human disrespect toward nature.

 [CE3]Yellow highlighted  area shows how two creations with almost equal cognitive abilities choose their way of life on earth. The prudence matters.

 [CE4]The voice used stands for human urgency toward suicidal things, knowledge and intelligence becomes a mocking irony.

 [CE5]Gender is all about prudence, it is all about how we are brought up, the way we choose to live, how we perceive our natural instincts and respect them.

Even though I am not good in annotating, I tried my best.


  1. Sreeja, I think you have more than fulfilled the challenge requirements. The poem itself is rich in ideology and ironic wit, and your annotations and hypertext add to the reading experience tremendously. I appreciate the insight the footnotes provide - especially of your method. The highlighting etc serves to break up the reading and remind the reader that this is text for analysis.
    Thank you for your participation.

  2. very creative style and using a lot of ordinary things to hint at deeper meanings, loved the footnotes

  3. A wonderful read. I enjoyed both poem and footnotes.

  4. The inclusion of male and female and showing how they share the building--both the necessary nesting and the imprudent taking of natural spaces--makes this gender rich for Poets United. Thank you for showing up with your wisdom.

  5. this is wonderful Sreeja...'the crow, he or she, prudently picks life’s stones / for his or her half empty bowl of water;' when it's done life doesn't look so full of your first stanza...

  6. An excellent read.
    "Doves in urban area stands for human disrespect toward nature." Indeed it does.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  7. I liked the annotations. The irony is there as well in the different perspectives. Prudence is necessary and yet there is the sense of lack of prudence with the "deserted valley-view".

  8. Wowww!!❤️ My goodness this is good! There is such depth and detail in this poem.. sigh especially love; "the crow, he or she, prudently picks life’s stones for his or her half empty bowl of water;
    men and women are digging the earth beneath the feet; prudence marks the sign on their head men, women, crow and all…" Beautifully executed!❤️

    Lots of love,

  9. Very impressive philosophical journey in your words!

  10. I admire the skill with which you fulfilled both prompts. I especially love the birds building their nest in the small amount of space they have left.

  11. Sreeja, would you please email me at I have a question! Smiles.

  12. This is wonderful... and your annotations are as poetic as your poem... it's like reading two poem in one.

  13. Skillfully and thoughtfully done and you maintained a high level of artistry

  14. This was an interesting mix of verses and challenges Sreeja ~ Good outcome, smiles ~