Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Post Card Poem

nights hung on window;
moon stayed aloof;
i wrote my heart on clouds,
on wandering lonely clouds;
it’s still summer, choking, retching fire;
with rain you will get my heart,
come and shower on me…

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  1. Oh, that "nights hung on window" and aloof moon got me. Wonderful.

  2. I liked the idea of writing your heart on a cloud that has to rain for the heart to be received and you wanting the shower as well with all the heat.

  3. Just lovely...I think less is so much more here ;)

  4. I loved the postcard image.
    as good as all other write of yours... you really couldn't miss moon for a love write, isn't it?!! you seem to be totally in love with it!

  5. Tender love poem...those lonely clouds spoke to me. Nicely done.