Friday, 30 June 2017

Chaos around!

Some pollen-dreams of a mystical body
Scattered across from infinity
The soil beholds ditches and fields
Gutters and streams
Where will they fall?
Do they have a choice?
Do they have vibes?
Fall will them, and
Will gulp in the first drops
Will take on the soil they fall
Do they have a choice?
 Do they have vibes?
Smelly fungi
Parasitic worms
Venom spitting slither-ers 
Vainglorious, buzzing deadly mosquitoes
Dirty flies
And then the monk-like trees
Flowers and fragrance
Well, I am tired of listing
The world is a weird box of mismatching blocks

The wisdom of silence, endurance and acceptance

Spread the syllables of truth, of love and smiles
Let the pathogens dry out and die out…

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  1. Love this.. but still I do think I would prefer some of that wonderful noise.

    1. Well, some noise is good....but it is all dirty and brutal noise that's around....recently. ...

      Thank you

  2. Well, the world is indeed a bunch of mismatched blocks. No doubt it would be boring if they all matched! Let's all spread truth, love and smiles! Good advice.

    1. Hmmm...its good to have all different things...but painful news from around are not so good......

      Thank you so much....let's spread goodness..

  3. I liked the description of the world as "box of mismatching blocks" and the resolution in the last line.

  4. Thank you for thus moment of reflection. Blessings be your day.

  5. Well, I am tired of listing
    The world is a weird box of mismatching blocks!

    Sometimes one gets into unnecessary bother trying to meet certain whims. Just let them be, perhaps!


  6. It may be weird and a mixmatched but put all together, a wonderful canvas, smiles ~

    Enjoy your summer ~

  7. Oh, the haphazard nature of creation, and of the human being. I like the saying of Buddha you open with and that italicized line. Seeds for thought.

  8. Great to ponder! And question, is the light as bright without the contrasting darkness?

  9. SMiLEs.. EmoTioNs
    And SeNsEs glUe
    LiVes LiT uP NoW
    Flesh and Blood
    toGeTheR ArT
    oVershadoWinG SciEnce..
    WiTh MuSiC
    DAnCinG NoW
    SinGinG heART oF LiGHt..:)