Friday, 7 July 2017

summer tales, monsoon rhythm

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they just float,
the days, when
the sun is to meet the rain;
the heat and sweat, corny;
those clouds cuddle, then
the days slowly shed light and
those bright patches turn dusky;
it’s rain in the dusk and
 all the stories held up are passed,
summer whispers them to monsoon;
she is  thunderous and chiming at times,
she writes them on the sand, sings them to the birds;
monsoon, the poet, she fills the land with stories and rhythm

and i huddle in the window seat listening to her phenomenal music 

Visit IGWRT for Get Listed-July (Word list--- heat, bird, easy, fling, pass, sweat, corn, float, ice cream (that's considered one), bright, cricket, dusk)


  1. Wonderful, the huddling in the window seat listening to the music of life.

  2. I love floating days and thunderous rain and a monsoon poet

  3. I love the monsoon being poet...

  4. I love the monsoon poet! I find this line surprisingly evocative and moving: she writes them on the sand, sings them to the birds

  5. this such a lovely dipping into the season of the rains - water is life and yet when it unleashes with such intensity - both welcomed and feared - I love the rhythm of this piece - it feels like a building up to a storm, but we are safely harboured - :)

  6. Wonderful. As the moment builds so do the lines.

  7. I like the way you have lengthened your lines as the description evolves.

  8. How unique to see a monsoon as a poet.. So beautiful