Wednesday, 26 July 2017

White Desert

salt exploded to a blanket;
desert meditates;

alabaster sheet reflects
you, your shadows stare,
emptiness of white fills
every angle of your sight;
salt flicks tear-tasted wind,
close it or open, your eyes will swim;
let it catch right reflections…

salt exploded to a blanket;
desert meditates;
meditate in white.

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  1. What a host of stunning imagery! Specially love meditating desert & staring shadows. Beautifully done.

  2. Good imagery painted with words, I can see the white desserts in my mind. Really like the reference....desert meditates.

  3. A lovely meditation on the desert, echoing the meditation of the desert itself.

  4. Cool... I really like that first/repeated line, "salt exploded to a blanket"

  5. What a lovely meditation, the picture is described in your words. Your verbs are poserful!

  6. Now that's a landscape I have never seen up close, a bit of a blank canvas for me, but you have brought it to life, Sreeja, with verbs in unexpected contexts. I love the lines:
    'salt exploded to a blanket;
    desert meditates';
    'salt flicks tear-tasted wind';
    'meditate in white'.

  7. The white desert suggests death to me and yet it meditates so maybe it is just stillness.