Thursday, 10 August 2017

the need of a golden touch

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her unfueled reminiscences, held,
pressed hard, cold, mountain-ed;
she boils somewhere inside

her consciousness running roots,
grows high, reaching skyward, reflects;
in green canopy, she breathes

under her shade we built traps,
under our concrete shades she boils
fueling her memories, melts dangerously,
running cracks all over the existence;
the art of Kintsugi calls,
bring in  lacquer and golden herbs,
soothe her wounds
she is the depth of ourselves… 

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  1. "running cracks all over the existence" This direly needs that golden touch, like ourselves sometimes. Nice.

  2. The art of appreciation is seeing beauty in even broken things for even that hurt can be soothed away as you say.

  3. Ah, the crux of it all is in your final, insightful line, "...she is the depth of ourselves." Perfect!

  4. Love that art of mending Sreeja ~

  5. Interesting idea how the depths of ourselves boil under concrete shades.

  6. While I was reading, I watched a tree grow, and then saw that she and I mirrored each other. I have heard healers say that working on my spine they work on their own, that healing is self treatment too. I love here the contrast of the cold and the boiling, the unfueled and the fueled.
    Powerful writing.

    1. Yes...when we heal ourselves a part of everything heals...then we can heal others...everything is so interconnected.....!

  7. Mother Wintermoon11 August 2017 at 05:35

    Powerful imagery, relatable to trees and humans. Running cracks all over the existence....great line. Love the art of Kintsugi.

  8. Wonderfully painted. She is alive in me.

  9. Such an exquisite metaphor.Healing does come from within.

  10. Beautiful. I especially love "she is the depth of ourselves".

  11. " the art of Kintsugi calls,
    bring in lacquer and golden herbs,
    soothe her wounds "

    I like the way you have expressed this..sometimes the wounds do need to be soothed.