Thursday, 31 August 2017

"what you are inside, so is it outside"

"let fragrance be felt than taught,
let love be felt than preached,
let respect be felt than demanded"

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“I am the best!”
“I am everything”---echoes around so much;
the air of the era or the error of parenting,
the seven-lettered ‘R E S P E C T’ has been crumpled,
crumpled to bits? self-ego reigns the world;
where can we start not to be mean,
not to be sadists with kids,
not to be those freaky intellectuals with elders,
not to be cruel to animals,
no to be mean with nature??

when i am on my legs, take me to the tiniest of being, and
to the awe of the cosmos, teach me to wonder at everything,
for there is something in me that ignites when i wonder;
tell me that i am mud, air, fire, water and ether
and will return to them in its entire sense
and so do every bit of life around me, because
it is i who dwell in everything
and it is everything else that dwells in me
and so it is an echo world, you say, you hear;
you see, you manifest; you think, you feel;
whatever are you, you get it back without a single excuse,
may it be smile, curse or love, you get what you nurture;
it is one and only one,
whatever you give, you are giving it to your own existence;
see the world with love and respect,
fill your sense with love and respect
for it is the same energy that flows around,
flows inward and flows outward.

“yes, i am the best,
and so is everybody around me,
everything around me.”

“yes, i am everything,
everything is me,
it is love and acceptance,
it is reverence for creation.”

We are taught that pregnant women should not visit the temple after seven months. This is because the deity himself would have to stand up and greet you as you are carrying a little soul inside. An infant is greeted with respect by the almighty himself. The very underlying thought, the very first lesson is, “what a child receives, he or she delivers”---what you give, you get it back!

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  1. Lots of truth and insight and passion here and yes I do believe in the laws of karma what you give to the world will return.

  2. " What you give, you get it back"

    I wonder what those thousands of people did to deserve to die in the monsoon in South East Asia just recently.

    1. That's a question indeed....but then you will have to start from mass extinctions happened earlier....even millions of years before....this question arises because we see ourselves as so important...we are nothing in the cosmos....then again many things need to be addressed before answering for example is what did the nature do to us that we are on completely destroying it....

      It's a completely different topic from the topic of the prompt.
      I respect your question ...but the law of life is not that simple to be answered in a few words, that too by me....I am just learning...trying to get a bit of the vast knowledge lying around....
      The answer to your question lies around scattered through out the nature and scriptures...thanks for prompting me to learn more....

  3. "whatever are you, you get it back without a single excuse,"...This is an absolute truth, whether we like it or not. I love the poem as well as your note. What beautiful tradition it is.

  4. Wow! I love the idea "it is an echo world" and every image you write makes that real to me. And I love that the answer flows from this question: "where can we start not to be mean . . ." Thank you! ALso, thanks for the tidbit about the deity standing for the "little soul." That has implications that should stem the oppression of women.

  5. for there is something in me that ignites when i wonder... love this

  6. I love the line Rajani quotes as well. This is my favourite of your poems, Sreeja. It is just wonderful to read!

  7. " when i am on my legs, take me to the tiniest of being, and
    to the awe of the cosmos, teach me to wonder at everything,"--- true! To find real joy and gratitude in just being is a huge accomplishment in this life. These days, very rarely do we hear the word humility....(a most admirable and difficult-to-attain quality).
    Beautiful poem, Sreeja! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Beauty and truth come to life in the wonder of your words.

  9. Nice reflections on the importance of a sense of wonder, and 'reverence for creation'.