Thursday, 7 September 2017

Simply Magical!

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9 in the morning my maid comes and smiles wide;
she talks about my neighbours and asks unexpectedly,
“Aren’t they all good, Didi?” I say, “Yes, definitely.”
She laughs, “You live in a good society, isn’t it sheer happiness?”
Morning time, nice talks and smiling face; yes, it is sheer happiness.
Then she uttered some wisdom, “Everything starts with us and ends with us.
If we are good everybody is good.”  I am astounded,
she has never gone to school, no books and no elite groups.
Who taught her wisdom? Isn’t life a bit magical, simply magical?

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  1. That is that simple wisdom. It shouldn't need any wisdom.

  2. Yes, it is indeed! To begin a day like this is magical too. beautiful, Sreeja.

  3. What a wonderful, positive poem! I feel better just for reading it :) Life certainly is a bit magical

  4. Life can show it's magic to anyone.

  5. Wonderful words from a wonderful spirit.

  6. I liked that bit of wisdom: "If we are good everybody is good."