Wednesday, 28 March 2018

tongue, tastes and afterthoughts/smiles

ever tasted thoughts
to know them---copiously,
to dress them into words,
garnish and present for others

it’s  paraphrasing…
taste mitigates

the waves, depths, flow,
stillness and the void spaces;
tongue rolls in emptiness
to catch the nuances…

it’s like painting…
but it comes out abstract


‘dumbfound’… is that what you feel exactly,
when somebody talks overwhelmingly;
especially when half lies protrude shamelessly;
well, to rodomontade stylishly
is an art to be praised  profoundly
and you must giggle merrily…


 in between your dumb-ness and dumbfounded-ness
comes many monsoons and summers…
and you slowly wash prejudices and judgements
to carry springs within…

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  1. Think there is an ocean between thought and word and then the way they are understood... as it goes from mind to another's ear, it emerges as quite a different beast indeed!

  2. Some of my thoughts would certainly get spit out if I could taste them.
    Having OCD doesn't mean just behaviors like counting things or needing things arranged a certain way, or having difficulty getting rid of things. It also means pervasive and sometimes really awful thoughts. Like life isn't complicated enough as it is!

  3. Love this especially; "it’s like painting… but it comes out abstract."💜

  4. Indeed... there is a distance between the thought and what come outs... sometimes giggle works better.

  5. Thank you all for the precious comments...!!