Monday, 17 November 2014

Listening to smiles...

a journey forward step by step;
eyes wander back at times---
blurred images in bright and dull hues,
 a journey forward;
you look forward, a little of the tears
brimming on edges from yester years,
each step carries dust and sand
of aisles passed by, fragrance of
forlorn thoughts, sighs and laughs
like the wind brushing against your skin;
you carry many summers, autumn, winter
and spring, you carry a soul full---

Drank the drizzles
Sweated in summer
Curdled in winter
I sprouted in spring
Of whatever I carried
And life’s cipher is my soul
Of change and acceptance

A journey forward, step by step;
learning each day
that I was not perfect
that I am not perfect
that at the end
a smile will be enough
for every question---

the truth resides in a heart
that bears the sweetest smile.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy companion

Six hollow pipes
Dangling like happy friends
Free minds
Soul of life fills them
And they dance like saints
Giving soothing music
My window looks beautiful
And it sounds divine
Wind and music
A companion for thoughts

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Important VS unimportant and things that you call limitations…

courtesy Google

round very round and whole
floating on its blue blood are patches of green and brown
you hear names, Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Laos, Congo, Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia
and you see pictures that may haunt or drown
among many pressing matters of life, cooking,
eating, shopping, shaving, saving, gaming, office, school,
at night when you are sleeping under a thick blanket
and when you startle by a distant cracker of festival
you go back to sleep relieved, for a peaceful next day;
morning you call your milkman when he is late
and life is like a pressing matter of cooking, eating,
shopping, shaving, saving, gaming, office, school,
and when you plan a trip, you never come across
names like, Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Laos, Congo, Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia and many
and you never think twice about gun shattered lives,
empty tummies, dry sleepless eyes, dried out childhoods
because life is a pressing matter of cooking, eating,
shopping, shaving, saving, gaming, office, school,
and you live on illusions, and reality is dug deep under
volcanic, vulnerable tectonic plates...

Monday, 27 October 2014

Silence shedding old leaves...

Embellished socks
Morning concoction bitter
And the floor icy cold

It’s autumn
Shedding its habit
Premature snow inside

Embellished socks
Signs of the travel
Well concealed

Scattered tumblers
Talk to her
And listen to her

Chaos sometimes
Fills void space
And embellishment, scars

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Early morning blues and thoughts,
the dough swells and sifts
through my fingers, course,
 little more water and ghee
the dough so soft and ready
two little sparrows singing
sitting on our window grill
I took back my finger rings;
messages in my mobile,
over the table words peeped
 from open books,
a quiet time of my own,
a muffled laughter knocked
at my silent careless thoughts.

Rewind, and a second look for
a parallel scene that I ignored
two little hands taking away
part of the dough
little funny rotis spread over the stool
marked with little finger prints
and on her table her books
my life, my words, deeds---imprints

another persona in making

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


each step moving forward
tangles in sharp edged creepers
cutting memories fresh,
red thick heart oozes out;
impressions, every last page, it pricks
the next step forward,
an empty, hollow space screams;
fear lurches like dragons of the myths
yet there is a sky yonder
blue and deep where
dreams do fly like flocks of birds
together, together as
adorable younglings with their mother,
the invisible wings of an unknown beat inside;
love, hope, ecstasy, compassion?
 invisible wings, they are free like those dreams
and they do take you, drag you forward
giving you infinity…

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We travel

with me, before me and beyond me
it walks and runs and flies
a handful of small dreams and

moistened little pearls of tears

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

No "no" to life....

rain washed, guzzled a luminous evening
as night slowly mellowed to a new dawn;
she gazed on clouds to douse, satiate
mid days blistering memories

the city was alive with noises of life,
she watched a bud playing in the breeze;
she set out on the wet road, afresh,
rain washed street, and light breeze
played with her shiny hair

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Sea

Courtesy Google

dreams of heaven spilled
over the waves and rippled
a silver blanket curled
and spread as mermaids
swam away to sea
to swim in amniotic hug

Here on the shore
an empty body sat
leaving day’s files
and shoes aside