Thursday, 28 June 2018


flimsy legs     straight road

rainy evenings atop the hills
                          flimsy legs    dream wings

rainy evenings atop the hills
enigmatic shades and lights
                     wet ground    dark grooves
teeming atmosphere

flimsy legs   dream flying
flimsy legs    dream hills

a heard of sheep, together they graze meekly
somewhere they hide a dragon, dreaming stars
flimsy legs    hesitating    love the dragon  
                                        love wings
love transitions


  1. Wow! To see your movement--on earth and through and beyond it--is to see the loveliness you share. This is a most beautiful mystery poem.

  2. Aw...this poem is like a painting. I specially love this contrasting traits of 'flimsy legs' and 'dream wings'. Beautiful.

  3. I'd have to second what Sumana said. This is indeed like a painting - and one can see through the yin and yang of this image and move from one element to another in search of new discoveries and wonderment. A very interesting verse.

  4. This is so beautiful...from the dream wings to the peaceful sheep, hiding a dragon. Just wonderful!

  5. Dreamy, ethereal and wonderful. You have painted you a beautiful canvas, a work in progress

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine, Sreeja

    much love...

  6. Sreeja this is a delight to read. Transitions can be beautiful seen through the poets eyes. I love this!

  7. Very cool Sreeja... the whole poem dances.